New Caledonia for paradise lovers

26 Dec New Caledonia for paradise lovers

TravelThis archipelago was, until a few years ago, a reserved paradise for the richest ones. But, nowadays, with the many flight offers and also accommodations opened, everyone can discover these islands.

Located in Oceania, specifically in Melanesia, there are many travellers that decide – during their Australia or New Zealand trips – to visit them as they are about 1500 or 2000 kilometres far.

Places you should visit once in New Caledonia

This archipelago owns some interesting islands among the most interesting one: Grande Terre. The little reefs and the secondary islands are less explored than this main one. Although they are French since the 19th century, there are still some places where they want to keep their independence.

On the other hand, we should also talk about other islands like the Loyalty ones (Lifou, Tiga and Ouvéa) and also the Belep Islands, the Pines or the Chesterfield. If we talk about this last one, we cannot forget to mention the Bellona reef in the main island.

Grande Terre, as mentioned, is the main island. Its beauty is, without doubt, one of the main attractions together with the beaches, the high mountains and the many alternatives to spend a few days in some of the main resorts.

Things you should know about New Caledonia

Before arriving to this paradise islands you should know some details. First of all, we have to talk about the weather. Its climate is tropical, that means that there are stationary rains. The best dates to come to paradise is between November and February – although during this last month it should be really hot –

There are two main ways to arrive to New Caledonia: flying from any of the French cities that connect these islands with France or by travelling to Australia or New Zealand and then making a getaway from there.