Reasons to travel to the Black Sea

05 Jul Reasons to travel to the Black Sea

Playas y destinos - TravelgenioThe Black Sea coast include some interesting places like the Bulgarian or Ukrainian cities. In all these cases we discover the possibility to enjoy an economical trip that seems to be unforgettable. Of you want to discover all these, just take a look to the possibilities.

1. Burgas, this city was well known because it was useful as watchtower. You can discover here the Cirilo and Metodio Cathedral, a unique jewel in terms of architecture. During every year more than 6000 students live here. It is a University City. The Bridge, the Pantheon and the Ethnographic Museum are some other things you must visit, but also, don’t forget the Fortresses, the Casino and other touristy places.

2. Constanza: this place is well known because the homonym lake and because it is one of the most popular destinations for travellers. Specially during summer.

3. Varna: a great part of the Dracula novel is written as it happened here. It is also mentioned in Nosferatu film. Many places are a must in this Black Sea shore locality: the Archaeological Museum, the Dormicion of Theotokos Cathedral, the Ethnographic Museum and the Roman baths.

4. Yalta: located in the Crimean Peninsula, you can arrive here by train or trolebus from Simferopol, its capital. Two of its beaches count with a blue flag and it is one of the main reasons for travellers to visit it.

5. Odessa: this place has some of the most interesting cultural life in the Black Sea Coast. Visitors could arrive to more than 10 theatres and also visit some of the heritage in terms of culture and history.

6. Sochi: this Russian city is located in the Krasnodar Krai and it is between the Black Sea and the Caucasus. There are many leisure activities here you can enjoy. There are some interesting places to visit such as the St. Michael Archangel Monument or the Dendrarium, the Arbour Theatre and the beautiful Neptune Statue.

7. Samsun: this Turkish locality is really interesting as it is a Greek past colony of Amiso, founded in the 7th century B.C. The Yesilirmak river is located here.

8. Trabzon: this place is a Turkish one and also marvellous because, mainly, the inhabitants that live here and that will help you discovering some interesting places in this city.