Titicaca Lake, a visit to have into account

20 May Titicaca Lake, a visit to have into account

viajes-upitravelThis is one of the most incredible natural heritage, one of the best known ones in Peru and many travellers usually plan their routes to discover all the beautiful spots and legends. It is the place where the Incas lived and, as the legend says, Mama Ocllo y Manco Capac, the Sun God sons, were born under this lake waters, where the Inca Empire was founded. The truth is that there is a unique halo.

What to do in the Titicaca Lake

The best part and plan of this lake is the beautiful natural surroundings, something well known internationally. There are many outdoor activities you can enjoy here:

Trekking or hiking: the hiking activities are really popular in the Titicaca Lake as they do not need a really hard preparation and almost anyone can practise them. The best part of this option are the views you are going to enjoy while you have a walk, specially once you arrive to the peak of the mountain range.

Inca Path: if you want to discover the Machu Picchu, this is one of the main and attractive starting points. There are some ways that will let us get to the Empire City through Qhapaq Ñam system.

Why it worth a visit?

If activities are not enough for you, we are going to talk about the floating islands of Uros, a place still inhabited by the native tribes of these lands. Tourist usually want to arrive here in order to by handcraft, although there are also many other things to do and discover in this historical and cultural place in terms of immersion. Natives are dedicated to the fishing live and they also cook what they fish outdoor to avoid any risk.

Anyway, in the Taquile island, is were travellers find the most interesting place of this area of the world, also considered World Heritage by the UNESCO. Yes, we are again talking about the Titicaca Lake, a place in Peru that will let you enjoy a cultural and leisure holidays.