Traveling to Africa and Asia: advantages and disadvantages

15 Jun Traveling to Africa and Asia: advantages and disadvantages

golden statues of Buddha in Wat Arun temple, BangkokTwo continents that are near but very different. Africa, with the beautiful nature, people and the incredible architecture. Most of the visitors think about this continent as an accesible place, but you will have to take some healthy cautions.

Asia, on the other hand, is increasing its presence in the European and LatinAmerican plans. Its nature scenaries, the exotism of its cuisine, the marvellous temperature and good prices are just some of the reasons why, every year, more visitors bet for traveling here.

Travel to Africa, advantages and disadvantages

Some of the advantages of traveling to this continent is the marvellous flora, that decorate some of the most incredible cities and natural scenaries. Other thing to take into account is the adventure you will enjoy if you decide to make a safari. Places as the National Park of Mayumba, in Gabon, the ruins of the Great Zimbabwe, the Fish River Canyon, the Kilimanjaro Mount, the Namibian desert, the Nile, the Egiptian Piramids, the Great Gorilla routes, the Victoria Falls in the Zambia and Zimbabwe border or even the TombuctĂș city are some of the must once you decide to visit this black continent.

Talking also about its disadvantages, there are many dangers. First of all, take all the comfortable clothes you can for this trip, the highest solar protection, purification drops and a health kit. Take care when trying the native food as many foreign stomachs are not ready for this type of cooking and the water used. We recommend you to eat in tourist restaurants and hotels. Also you must avoid drinking water without 5 minutes boiling.

Traveling to Asia, advantages and disadvantages

Talking about advantages of defining Asia as your destination, you will enjoy with the misticism and the ancient culture of many of the main places of this continent. The variety of cultures, scenaries and the contrast with the modern cities will give you the possibility to try everything.

There are many places you must visit once you arrive here. Cities like Singapore, Bali, Dubai, Jerusalem or Bangkok are just an example of the marvellous spaces you will find, but don’t forget monuments like the Great Wall in China.

If we name the disadvantages, there are some tips you may follow. First of all, we recommend you traveling between September and January as the temperature is better and it is not peak season. Talking about health, there is a compulsory vaccination for the yellow fever. There are rural spaces where you must have some more foresights as you will be exposed to many diseases like the malaria.