Useful info to visit the Little Statue of Liberty in Paris

12 May Useful info to visit the Little Statue of Liberty in Paris

Do you know Paris owns also a Statue of the Liberty? Well the truth is that there is a little island that, although it has nothing to do with the New York one, it is a unique visit if you want to spend a few more days in the French Capital discovering some of the curious things it hides. This island, called “Ile aux Cignes” is a beautiful spot in the light city.

The treasures in the Swan Island

If you want to discover this little island you have to go to the Metropolitan station of Bihakeim, where you will find three bridges: the Rouelle, the Grenelle and the Birhakeim, the one that gives name to the tube station.

The replica: this little statue is a replica of the one located in USA and was given as a present by the Paris Community that lived in NY three years after the original one was finished. The fact that it was during the French Revolution anniversary is part of its history.

If you travel to Paris you should reserve a day or even an afternoon to discover not just this spot but also its surroundings.

Places to visit near the island

Although it is not really well known by travellers, you can complete this visit with an incredible sailing in a boat through the Seine. You can enjoy in the shores also one of the most traditional souvenirs offer based in books and many other art works.

We also recommend you to take a look to this statue from the Mirabeau bridge.

There are many things you can do in Paris. Take into account that the Seine is part o the heart of the city and the place that will let you arrive to some of the most popular attractions like the Eiffel Tower or the Notre Dame Cathedral.